December 30, 2016

About Us

Indian Research Foundation (IRF) has been initiated by group of Professors under the Guidance of Renowned Academicians for Global Dissemination of Information. We publish the best works from all areas of Management, Commerce, Engineering and Technology, Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Humanities and Chemistry at National and International level. We are registered under XXXXXXXXXXX and follow ISSN standards. Currently we are publisher of nearly 12 Journals. We aim to publish Journals necessary for all subjects in near future

IRF is a brainchild with a vision to reach the un-reached researchers and give them an international platform for collaborative research. The IRF welcomes all scientists, engineers and innovative researchers to join in and work on the scientific and technical committees of the conferences and journal’s editorial boards also.

Membership in the IRF can unlock windows of opportunity for professional growth and development. IRF gives scientists, engineers and innovative researchers the power to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional optionsntists of various fields

At IRF we help researchers, readers by proliferation of knowledge and sharing the latest updates on current research works in multiple domains. We publish original articles, research work and reviews periodically once in a month.

IRF is associated with Scientists, Research Scholars and Industry experts all over the world. From past few years we exhibited true commitment and excellence by providing high quality work in publishing international journals.

” Open access.
” High level of commitment.
” A rigorous, Fast and Constructive
” In time service commitment.
” Excellent Editorial Standards
” International Indexing.
” Renowned Editorial Board Members.
” Associated Industry and Subject matter experts.
” World Wide Subscribers.
” Online Line Access to All Journals.

Making Research Common to All

Reaching to the Un-Reached

Affordable Open Access Platform

Focus on Un-Touched Issues

Simple but comprehensive

Amalgamating all disciplines